Software Submission Service

We provide a special software submission service.We’ll submit your software in 700+ download archives.
Up price €79 (Standard / 3 submissions per year) or €320 (Ultimate / 6 submissions per  year).

We help you to promote your software on the Internet. By submitting your software to download sites and other resources, we improve your web site’s positions in Google and other search engines for specific key phrases. Additionally, you will get more slots in the search results pointing to your site and direct downloads from software archives.

PAD Submission

Do you have to submit an application’s PAD file to the download sites? Shouldn’t the download sites pick it up automatically once you publish it in the PAD Repository?

Reputable download sites normally do not publish your product without your consent. In majority of cases, these premier sites require you to formally submit your product to them and will require formal registration or authentication before allowing you to submit your product for listing. Because each individual site may have its unique acceptance policies and submission rules, this process cannot be cannot be fully automated. Another factor requiring unique submission is the fact that each site has it’s own unique category tree. The sites often require you to manually select categories that optimally match your product. The better managed sites also provide a convenient way to manage your publications, requiring a publisher to create their own login and password account. A publisher account offers the site to provide a secure, direct and reliable communication channel with you, providing you with referencing e-mails for activation and confirmation links.

The PAD standard has been and continues to be a perfect container that contains all information about your product in a standardized form. With PAD file for your application, you do not have to fill out content forms on download sites over and over, as the PAD content does this for you. However, a PAD file alone is not the solution for submission process that many sites require. As stated above, hundreds of software download sites still require you to create a publisher account before allowing you to formally submit your PAD file for review and site publication. Publishers can invest their own time to create site-specific accounts and fill out forms. On average, you’ll have to invest a minimum of 15 to 45 minutes per site.

What about the download sites that do not support PAD?

More and more download sites move to PAD standard for application submissions. Yet, for various reasons, not all sites can accept PAD submissions directly. Our developers have created powerful scripts that extract information from your PAD file and convert it on-the-fly according to each non-PAD site requirements. You do not have to care whether a specific site supports PAD or not. All of our subscription packages include the both PAD-enabled and non-PAD sites.

Do publications on the download sites affect your site’s SEO?

Yes. Google and other Search Engines monitor popular download sites for publications, which may significantly affect your site positions and rankings. You should know that Google is intelligent enough to distinguish your app publications on download sites from link spam. Your home web site never gets penalized by Google for publications on download sites regardless of their quantity and speed of their appearance. Google treats news sites the very same. The more news your web site generates, the greater the benefit to your site rankings and on search results. As such, the more you update your application’s information on download sites, the better your site will benefit on search results and rankings!

In general, PAD submissions is a powerful SEO instrument if used properly and doing it in a very acceptable way.

Weekly SEO Reports

All of the SEO techniques aim for the same goals:

  • To obtain higher positions in the search results for your own site.
  • To have more slots in the search results pointing to your site.
  • To push your competitors out of the search results.

We provide you with weekly reports that allow you to analyze the current situation and to see the trends. You can specify up to 4 different key phrases per report.

Press-Release Submission

This service is included in the “Standard” and “Ultimate” packages. Please make sure to put a press release into your PAD file when ordering these packages and we will submit your press release to 30 on-line repositories.

Tip: Six “Standard” promotion campaigns for the same product within a year €320. Additionally submission to search engines €600. Weekly SEO Reports €120.